A Year of Many Projects

Rubenstein Studios had a busy of year of interesting projects:
You are welcome to see the sculptures by clicking the name.

I installed this artwork with my son, Benjamin, on a cold day in January! Benjamin likes to help out with installations, but not if it takes him away from a game of pickup basketball.


Botero Ballerinas” (Wind Kinetic Sculpture)

My good college buddy, Dana Harrison, who is the head of Newtown Friends School, made the trip with me by truck to Cary, NC, for this installation. Dana can basically drive for 24 hours straight without a break, so I was happy to put him behind the wheel while I slept on the way home.


Swish” (Wind Kinetic Sculpture)

This project was a first-time collaboration with Victor Shargai, who has been a family friend for many, many decades.


Gtown” (Water Sculpture)

I installed “Huddle Up” in Washington, DC, with my life long friend Larry Cafritz, who builds single family homes in the DC Maryland region. He was happy to do some shoveling and nut turning!


Huddle Up

Larry Cafritz joined me again for another installation of “Lily” in Old Town Alexandria, VA. We arrived to find the bolts coming out of the ground off by an inch, but with a sledgehammer, the problem was quickly corrected.



College buddy Alex Chefetz met me in Florida for the installation of “Dare To Be.” I created a neat jig to erect the sculpture. Alex has been to many of the installations, as he loves to get out of NYC and “get his hands dirty.”


  • DareToBeJig
  • I also installed a slightly smaller version of the same sculpture at the school my children attend, The Field School. My youngest son, Ari, helped out with the bolts, and my daughter created an impressive installation video. Seeing the entire student body surrounding the artwork at the dedication was a highlight of the year for me.

    • AriDareToBeInstallation
    • SabrinDareToBeInstallation
    • Barton@DedicationDareToBe

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