Wind Kinetic Sculpture

“Dare To Be” © 2014
Stainless Steel (Wind Kinetic Sculpture)
Three Elements: 10’ H x 4’ W x 1’D

Using a kinetic mechanism invented by the sculptor, this artwork moves back and forth in the slightest breeze. “Dare To Be” was created for two different venues. The first venue is a large residential community. The sculpture is situated in a vehicular circle surrounded by a marina and outdoor activities for the residents. This site enjoys the brilliant surroundings of constant breezes, palm trees and a multitude of wildlife. The second venue is a school. The slightly smaller scale artwork (8’ H) is located in a central plaza overlooking the Washington Monument in the distance. The sculpture also can be viewed from many vantage points from inside the school buildings.

Created for Miromar Lakes Beach Club and Community, Miromar, FL, and
The Field School, Washington, DC

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