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Powered by Grief
My adventures as a scientist, artist, and activist
Dr. Barton Rubenstein

Barton Rubenstein had a picture-perfect childhood — a loving family, idyllic summers at the beach, and a particularly close kinship with his progressive, charismatic, and devoted mom. When she died after a brutal five-year battle with cancer, Barton, just 18, found himself confronted by unbearable heartbreak. He was also saddened that his mother had not realized many of her dreams and petrified he could meet the same fate. This fear sent him headlong into a life of unexpected adventures and achievements, feeling that tomorrow could be too late.

Rubenstein is the author of numerous scientific articles, including in Science and Optical Society of America. As a public artist, with a focus on water and wind kinetic sculpture, he has over 100 commissions worldwide, spanning a career of nearly 30 years. As an environmental activist and cofounder of the Mother Earth Project, he has used his art and that of others to activate sustainable communities in over 80 countries, both raising awareness and demanding better climate laws.

Barton Rubenstein is available for select speaking engagements.

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