Water Sculpture

“Synergy” © 2010
Stainless Steel (Water Sculpture)
12’ H x 30’ Diameter

Situated at the center of the common space of University of Connecticut Waterbury, this dramatic water sculpture accentuates its smooth curving surfaces and sheets of water that glide off its edges. The main thrust of the design is that each of the five water sculptures represents a human form. From afar, these human forms appear similar. However, closer inspection reveals unique attributes, including different heights, shapes, orientation, and water patterns. After all, humanity is the collection of people with many similarities, but each is miraculously unique. With the continuous movement of water and its reflective surfaces, each of the sculptures will take on a different personality depending on the weather and time of day.

Created for the University of Connecticut Waterbury Campus.

This sculpture was awarded as a result of a National Competition.

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