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Glass Sculpture

Bronze and Colored Glass

8’H x 45’W x 6’D

Created for the Millennium Building, Washington, DC.

Eight Elements

Millennium comprises eight glass towers that emerge from a verdant bed of grasses, creating a compelling focal point within the lobby space. The towers, crafted from distinctive colored and bubbled glass, are crowned with rich earth-tone bronze caps. Internally illuminated, these towers cast a warm, inviting light that interacts with the ceiling, forming an intricate array of triangular patterns.

This installation, situated in the Millennium Building in Washington, DC, not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the lobby but also underscores the building's commitment to environmental sustainability. As one of Washington's pioneering "green" buildings, the Millennium Building embraces the potential for harmony between urban development and the natural world. The calming presence of the sculpture serves as a testament to this synergy, suggesting a balanced coexistence of modern architecture and nature.

Millennium integrates environmental consciousness with urban aesthetics. The use of glass and bronze in sculpture has a rich history, with glass symbolizing fragility and transparency and bronze representing strength and permanence. This combination in Millennium reflects a dialogue between the natural and the built environment, transforming architectural spaces through the manipulation of light and creating immersive experiences that alter perceptions of space and form.

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