“His and Hers” lands in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

His and Hers,” a 8′ high stainless steel wind kinetic sculpture was installed in April at a private residence in Doylestown, PA. You can visit this sculpture by clicking the Map on the Commissions Page. The patrons were kind enough to serve me breakfast and then insisted on taking a break during the installation for a wonderful lunch on the back deck! It was a fantastic day together, along with long time friend Dana Harrison, who lives nearby and is the Head of the Newtown School.

The Simon family decided to install the sculpture themselves, with a little help from the artist!

A special Czech coffee with whip cream… delicious.


Installation of “Voyagers” and “Tower”

“Voyagers,” a 18′ high three-element stainless steel wind kinetic sculpture was installed this spring at Ewa Beach, a community 1/2 hour west of Honolulu, Hawaii

“Tower” was installed at the residence of George and Cynthia Krus, Washington, DC





Dedication of “Harmonize” at Grounds For Sculpture, Ohio

Harmonize,” a 16′ high three-element stainless steel wind kinetic sculpture was dedicated at the Grounds For Sculpture, a sculpture park in Hamilton, Ohio on May 5, 2017. Rubenstein spoke about his sculpture and also mentioned the Mother Earth Project, the global environment-saving initiative that he began with his family in 2016. Many friends and family from the region came to celebrate.

Friends 1000
Seward Johnson 1000

Rubenstein (left) speaks with park founder Seward Johnson with head curator Tom Moran on right



Winter with “Field of Dreams”

The Washington, DC, region received over two feet of snow in January, to the delight young sledders, who tested their skills at Somerset Elementary School, Maryland. There were a few close calls!


National Portrait Gallery Gala Event

The first Gala Event at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery was in November, 2015, honoring five “Great Americans” who have contributed to the United States in exceptional ways. Each of the recipients received a Prize, basically a 12″ high sculpture that I designed from a human profile. It was a magical evening with family and friends, and to meet the honorees was a thrill for all!

Kim Sajet

NPG Director Kim Sajet

Aretha Franklin, Eric Holder

Aretha Franklin with Former
Attorney General Eric Holder

Hank Aaron accept award with Senator Lewis

Congressman Lewis
presents Prize to Hank Aaron

Maya Lin accepts award

Architect and Artist Maya Lin

BSR Corporal Carpenter and Sab

Rubenstein and daughter with
honoree Corporal Kyle Carpenter

Carolina Herrera, Lee Daniels

Fashion Designer Carolina Herrera
with Lee Daniels


Winter Views of Artwork

Legs in Snow 72dpi

Legs” in Washington, DC


Synergy” at University of Connecticut


A Visit to Hawaii

I went on a site visit to Oahu to see the future location of a large kinetic sculpture that I am building for a hotel and resort complex. This was my first trip across the Pacific. It was a humbling experience to see this vast and beautiful ocean. I have read many books about whalers, people surviving on rafts, sailors, to name a few, but to see this great ocean from my airplane window was phenomenal! You are welcome to see a first draft rendering of this project by clicking “Hokule’a.”



A Year of Many Projects

Rubenstein Studios had a busy of year of interesting projects:
You are welcome to see the sculptures by clicking the name.

I installed this artwork with my son, Benjamin, on a cold day in January! Benjamin likes to help out with installations, but not if it takes him away from a game of pickup basketball.


Botero Ballerinas” (Wind Kinetic Sculpture)

My good college buddy, Dana Harrison, who is the head of Newtown Friends School, made the trip with me by truck to Cary, NC, for this installation. Dana can basically drive for 24 hours straight without a break, so I was happy to put him behind the wheel while I slept on the way home.


Swish” (Wind Kinetic Sculpture)

This project was a first-time collaboration with Victor Shargai, who has been a family friend for many, many decades.


Gtown” (Water Sculpture)

I installed “Huddle Up” in Washington, DC, with my life long friend Larry Cafritz, who builds single family homes in the DC Maryland region. He was happy to do some shoveling and nut turning!


Huddle Up

Larry Cafritz joined me again for another installation of “Lily” in Old Town Alexandria, VA. We arrived to find the bolts coming out of the ground off by an inch, but with a sledgehammer, the problem was quickly corrected.



College buddy Alex Chefetz met me in Florida for the installation of “Dare To Be.” I created a neat jig to erect the sculpture. Alex has been to many of the installations, as he loves to get out of NYC and “get his hands dirty.”


  • DareToBeJig
  • I also installed a slightly smaller version of the same sculpture at the school my children attend, The Field School. My youngest son, Ari, helped out with the bolts, and my daughter created an impressive installation video. Seeing the entire student body surrounding the artwork at the dedication was a highlight of the year for me.

    • AriDareToBeInstallation
    • SabrinDareToBeInstallation
    • Barton@DedicationDareToBe


    “Dare To Be” on Front Cover of a Magazine

    This year marks the first time a Rubenstein sculpture makes it to the front of a magazine!



    Connections Education visits the studio

    Connections Education, a company that provides on-line education for over 50,000 students worldwide,
    visited Rubenstein Studios to create a video for their middle school art curriculum.

    ConnectionsEducation @RS



    The New United States $100 Bill is Released

    Barton Rubenstein was on a committee commissioned by the Bureau of Printing and Engraving to redesign all of the US paper currency and make it more protected from counterfeiting. The $100 bill is the first of the currencies to be released. Rubenstein’s contribution consisted of recommending a unique vertical band for each of the denominations, so that there would be no confusion between them, e.g. a $10 and $100 bill. The committee also recommended to increase the size of the numerals at the corners, so that the visually impaired would be able to more easily recognize the denomination.

    There are various newspaper articles in the Resume/Publications Section about Rubenstein’s contribution.

    BSR w$100Bill.BillRyanGazette

    Photo by Bill Ryan


    Installation of “Skybound” at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Hamilton, Ohio

    “Skybound,” a 30’ high stainless steel sculpture was installed this month at this 250 acre sculpture park. It is sited alongside other notable artwork, including those of modern artists Alexander Liberman and George Sugarman. A video, filmed and produced by the artist’s daughter Sabrina Rubenstein, features the transportation and installation of this 2500 lbs artwork. The video can be seen on the Video Page of the website.

    • Skybound1
    • Skybound2
    • Skybound1
    • Skybound2
    • Skybound1
    • Skybound2


    Rubenstein is Published in a Chinese Publication Showcasing Public Art

    Rubenstein is featured in 11 pages of the book, “Masters in Landscape and Public Sculpture,” which is written in both Chinese and English. This publication includes 25 public artists from around the world and can be purchased by contacting Rubenstein Studios.



    Rubenstein Participates in Three Exhibitions

    • Discovery Museum at Honey Horn, Hilton Head Island, SC, National Competition
    • DC Design House, benefitting Children’s National Medical Center, Washington, DC
    • Eleven Eleven Sculpture Space, Washington, DC



    A Dedication Ceremony at Somerset House, Chevy Chase, Maryland

    “Rhythm,” a water sculpture, has recently been installed at Somerset House Condominiums. The sculpture was generously donated by new residents of this community. It is situated in a garden within a larger common space.

    • may-01
    • may-02


    “Synergy,” a Water Sculpture for the University of Connecticut

    This sculpture was commissioned as the result of a National Competition.

    Rubenstein Studios has recently completed a major installation at the University of Connecticut Waterbury campus. This beautiful and recently rebuilt campus wraps around a common space, which is now graced with “Synergy,” a stainless steel water sculpture. Standing at 12’ at its highest point, these five elements rise out of a bed of river stones in a 30’ diameter pool deck. The sculpture has quickly become a gem for the city, with students and visitors visiting the site both during the day and evening, particularly when the light illuminates the site.


    • SynergyStudioAug-2jpg
    • SynergyInstallAug-3

    Rubenstein installed this sculpture during the summer of 2010, just in time for the academic year. Using a forklift, each element was carefully placed on its respective bolts, and then plumbing was installed, connecting each sculpture to a pump in the reservoir.

    • aug-4
    • aug-5

    Rubenstein designed the water for this sculpture to be flowing on and off during the day, creating a constantly changing environment. A dedication is planned for the spring of 2011.

    • aug-6
    • aug-7
    • aug-8
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