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Stainless Steel

30’H x 7’W x 7’D

Created for the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Hamilton, Ohio.

Located at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park in Hamilton, OH, Skybound showcases a remarkable feat of engineering that creates the illusion of six elements effortlessly floating and ascending towards the sky. Each component is meticulously aligned atop one another, with no visible supports, enhancing the impression of upward movement and ethereal suspension.

Skybound is designed to engage viewers with its play on perception and gravity, challenging the boundaries between sculpture and its natural surroundings. The seamless integration of these elements invokes a sense of continuous growth and reaching towards the limitless expanse of the sky.

The technique involves precision crafting and balancing, where each segment is designed to interlock with the one below in a manner that conceals the junction points. This not only enhances the visual effect of levitation but also symbolizes unbounded aspiration and growth. The reflective surfaces of these elements further amplify this effect, mirroring the changing light and surrounding landscape, which adds a dynamic and ever-evolving character to the sculpture.

Skybound complements the sculpture park's commitment to blending art with nature and serves as a beacon of inspiration, inviting visitors to reflect on the upward momentum and potential inherent in both human endeavors and the natural world. Through its innovative design and placement, Skybound enriches the experience of the sculpture park, and also brings magic to the natural landscape.

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