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Marcia Raff, sculptor

“Love the installation process of “Dare To Be“ and love the sculpture! I am amazed that he does all the engineering and transporting and absolutely all that is involved in some of his most unusually designed monumental sculptures. If I had a hat, I’d take it off to him for a fabulous body of work. Congratulations on accomplishing a stunning career while involving your family in the process.”

 Carolyn D.

“As an artist all the way over here in Australia, your work is immensely inspiring. Thank you for sharing so much of the journey on your website.

 Patron of Private Commission

“The sculpture is the gift that keeps on giving every moment! I was so nervous about doing something like this (owning something of this magnitude), and I’m unexpectedly thrilled that my husband pushed and I gave in!”

Art Enthusiast

“I just wanted you to know that I love this sculpture (“Dare To Be”)! What comes to mind when looking at it is: people/children come in all shapes and sizes, they adjust and bend differently to their joys and stresses over time, and they all turn at different rates and angles with the winds of change. Congratulations on another beautiful piece!”

 owner of “Chute de Fleur”

“We have LOVED our sculpture. It’s exactly what I wanted to see out on the deck. It’s a surprise element when you’re seeing it at first from the living room…and outside it’s dynamic and gleeful; and overall so very interesting the way the light reflects off of each leaf, separately at different times during the day. We just love it!”

Administrator at University of Connecticut

WOW! What beautiful pieces of art. I know both Vortex and Botero Ballerinas will be a great success. We’re still enjoying our own sculpture at Waterbury UConn campus (“Synergy”) and I’ve often heard students remark about the peaceful atmosphere they enjoy when they have time to sit and observe.

Bill West, Director of,

“Barton Rubenstein is an entirely accomplished individual in research, and he gravitates to sculpting. What it does for society and what it does for the sculptor, it’s just that important for all involved. Again, that is what sculpture represents, the beauty, the creation, and the message… Dr. Rubenstein, your sculptures reflect excellence both in it’s beauty and message! Thank you for turning to sculpting, your work is exemplary!”

 Bruce Stewart, Head of Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC

“You have captured so much of the essence of our school, and you have added – I hope for eternity – a center of spiritualism and aesthetic grace and artistry that will continue to educate, move and inspire all.”


“We have come to be intrigued by the random turnings of the sails, the always changing spaces in between, and the almost hypnotic calm ‘Desert Sail’ induces. Many daily hikers stop to enjoy, especially on windy days, and even horseback riders can be heard exclaiming about how wonderful the sails are.”

Art Enthusiast

“I think your work is inspiring and wonderful. I found your work beautiful, and your simple mission honest and a breath of fresh air.”

 Washington, DC commuter

“Each day, I look forward to passing this sculpture (“Blairs Gateway”). I drive by it on the way home and the sound and movement of the water seems to make my journey home a little bit more enjoyable and easier.”


“I love to sit outside every morning with my breakfast and newspaper and listen to the wonderful sounds of “Morse Code.” It truly is a joy!”

Blair East Apartment Occupants

“We were apartment hunting and saw this water sculpture (“River Twist”) in front of an apartment complex. We said to ourselves, ‘Hey, this would be a nice place to live!’ We now live here.”


“As I walk around inside my home, I’m excited to see “Rhythm,” from different rooms, showing off its curves from various vantage points. At night with the flood lights shining in the backyard, the brushed stainless steel finish and moving water are truly unbelievable. It’s like a jewel. You really have to see it to believe it.”

 Preschool Teacher

“’Crossroads’ is a great attraction for the preschool kids. They love to get their hands wet and watch the water splash off the tops of the sculptures. It seems like we’re out here almost every day!”

 Jewish Community Center Member

“Crossroads is absolutely splendid. It even looks wonderful in the rain!”

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