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Barton Rubenstein is an accomplished sculptor who personally designs and fabricates his artworks, operating out of Rubenstein Studios. His creations are prominently featured in public areas, educational settings, parks, as well as in commercial, corporate spaces, and private residences. Tailored to fit the unique aspects of each location, most of his commissions are custom designed pieces that enhance their surroundings. This work allows him frequent collaboration with a range of professionals, including architects, engineers, landscape architects, and various subcontractors, enriching his experience and expertise. Rubenstein's work is celebrated internationally. He is a sought-after speaker, often sharing insights about his artistic journey and creations.

Barton Rubenstein

Photo by Sabrina Rubenstein

Raised with the deeply ingrained principle that one's endeavors should strive to make the world more beautiful and better for future generations, Rubenstein has passionately dedicated himself to the field of art. He states, "As an artist, I am driven by the potential to enrich someone's life, alleviate stress, or simply elicit a smile. My goal in creating art is to initiate a cascade of positive interactions, the thought of which brings me immense joy and fulfillment."

Barton Rubenstein's path to becoming a sculptor is the fruit of a lifetime immersed in diverse artistic expressions and rigorous academic pursuits. His journey in the arts has spanned several disciplines, from lithography, etching, and woodcuts to architectural drawing and sculpture. Influenced by his childhood experiences crafting large-scale snow sculptures alongside his family, and under the tutelage of his mother—an art historian and curator at the Smithsonian Institution—Rubenstein developed a sophisticated appreciation for art from an early age.

Rubenstein's profound connection to nature and his experiences with sailing and canoeing have significantly influenced his sculptural work. Years of navigating the waters of Maine and Canada have instilled in him a fascination with water's intricate patterns, guiding him toward incorporating water elements in his sculptures. Likewise, his passion for sailing has fueled his interest in capturing the essence of wind, leading to the exploration of kinetic art powered by natural elements. Through his art, Rubenstein continues to blend his scientific background, love for nature, and artistic vision, creating works that resonate with audiences and environments alike.

With a foundation in physics and mechanical engineering from Haverford College in Pennsylvania, Rubenstein furthered his education at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, earning both MSc and PhD degrees. His research focused on brain and visual sciences, particularly on understanding visual perception anomalies, such as camouflage, and the underlying processes of the visual system.

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