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Powered by Grief: My Journey as a Scientist, Artist, and Activist
by Dr. Barton Rubenstein, 2024

Powered by Grief: My Journey as a Scientist, Artist, and Activist by Dr. Barton Rubenstein is a memoir that chronicles his transformation from a childhood marked by his mother's death to a distinguished career in science, art, and activism. The narrative details his journey from personal loss to becoming a leader in environmental advocacy and an innovator in public art.

Masters in Landscape and Public Sculpture,
Phoenix Publishing, 2012

Masters in Landscape and Public Sculpture, published by Phoenix Publishing in 2012, includes an extensive feature on Barton Rubenstein, spanning 11 pages. This beautifully illustrated book showcases the work of 25 renowned public artists from around the globe, and is available in both Chinese and English. To request a copy, please contact Rubenstein Studios here.

100 Artists of the Mid-Atlantic, E. Ashley Rooney,
Schiffer Publishing, 2011


100 Artists of the Mid-Atlantic explores the vibrant culture, history, and environment of the American Mid-Atlantic through the works of distinguished multimedia artists. Featuring over 480 images, this showcase captures dynamic works inspired by the diverse landscapes and rich heritage of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Through their art and personal insights, these artists celebrate and preserve the legacy of Mid-Atlantic artistry.

Public Art, A World’s Eye View: Integrating Art Into The Environment,
ICO Publishers, 2007

The artwork of Barton Rubenstein has been prominently featured in this prestigious publication that celebrates public art across the globe. This book showcases the creations of 42 world-renowned artists, and Rubenstein is deeply honored to be included alongside legends such as Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Isamu Noguchi, and other highly esteemed artists. 

This detailed study provides a thorough overview of urban sculpture in Washington, D.C., including sculpture created by Rubenstein. The book guides readers through the diverse monuments, statues, headstones, and memorials in the nation’s capital. James M. Goode explores over 500 often-overlooked sculptures, offering insightful critiques and comprehensive histories for each piece. The book covers sculptures across fourteen D.C. neighborhoods and the surrounding suburbs.

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