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Barton Rubenstein

Barton Rubenstein is an internationally recognized artist and sculptor known for his significant contributions to public art. He has completed over 100 public art projects worldwide, from urban cityscapes and parks to corporate headquarters, commercial spaces, academic campuses, and private homes. 

Rubenstein integrates engineering, environmentalism, and aesthetics into his sculptures. He continuously explores the interplay of movement and viewer interaction, merging innovative techniques with artistic vision to showcase the limitless potential of dynamic expression.

Rubenstein's work is deeply inspired by the natural world, evident in his water, wind kinetic, and vertical sculptures in suspension. Each genre allows him to explore and interpret nature's inherent beauty and raw power through his artistic lens.

Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Wind Kinetic sculpture explores motion through natural forces, transforming static sculptures into dynamic, ever-changing forms. 


Water Sculpture

Rubenstein has emerged as a prominent figure in the field of water sculpture and one of the few masters of this unique genre. 


Vertical Sculpture in Suspension

The illusion of defying gravity achieved through vertical sculpture in suspension imparts an ethereal quality to the artwork, creating a surreal and wondrous experience.


The Mother Earth Project

The Mother Earth Project, launched in 2015, is a visionary initiative by scientist and public artist Barton Rubenstein and his family. This global art movement harnesses the transformative power of creativity to promote sustainability, demands better climate laws, and fosters a deeper connection with our environment. Central to this project is the Mother Earth sculpture, a striking symbol of environmental stewardship and unity, gracing cities worldwide—from Washington, D.C., to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Guilin, China, among others.

Portrait of a Nation Award

Commissioned by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery, the Portrait of a Nation Award is a biennial accolade designed by Barton Rubenstein. This distinguished award, crafted from stainless steel and standing 12 inches high, is presented at the Gallery's Gala Event to honor eminent Americans who have significantly contributed to the nation. It symbolizes excellence and service to the United States.

The creation of this award is intricately linked with the historical and aspirational evolution of the National Portrait Gallery. 

Powered by Grief

Powered by Grief: My Journey as a Scientist, Artist, and Activist, by Dr. Barton Rubenstein, is a memoir that charts the evolution from a cherished childhood overshadowed by his mother's death to a prolific career bridging science, art, and activism. This narrative details his journey from personal loss to becoming a leader in environmental advocacy and an innovative creator of public art.

Rubenstein Around the World

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Water Sculpture

Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Vertical Sculpture in Suspension

Mother Earth

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