BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED IN 2024! A memoir about Rubenstein’s career as a scientist, artist, and activist. More info:

Barton Rubenstein is an internationally renowned sculptor and public artist. He has completed over 100 public art projects worldwide, including for cities and states, parks, corporate, commercial and academic institutions, as well as private residences. Rubenstein uses his art forms to empower communities to focus on sustainable practices and the SDGs.

Fascinated with the forces of nature, Rubenstein’s genres are water sculpture, wind kinetic sculpture, and sculpture in suspension.

“The goal of my artwork is first to create a level of intrigue, and then to allow for the gradual discovery of its secrets and complexities.”

Rubenstein and his family cofounded the Mother Earth Project, which activates artists and sustainable communities in over 80 countries, including Mother Earth sculptures,  murals, and Parachutes For The Planet, mobile artwork used during climate strikes.

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