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Manna from the Sky


Stainless Steel

14’H x 10’ Diameter

Created for the Bridgerland Applied Technology College, Logan, Utah.

This sculpture was awarded as a result of a National Competition.

Three Elements

Entitled Manna from the Sky, this evocative sculpture won a national competition and was subsequently commissioned for the Bridgerland Applied Technology College in Logan, Utah, specifically to enhance the setting of the newly established Health Wing. The sculpture visually captures the dynamic movement of biblical manna descending from the heavens, a metaphor richly aligned with the nurturing mission of the health disciplines taught within the college.

The design features manna-like shapes delicately suspended from soaring spires, whose strong curvilinear lines inject a vivid sense of motion and ascension. These elements not only reflect the physical act of manna falling but also symbolize the spiritual and nourishing essence of this miraculous sustenance. This allegorical representation resonates deeply with the educational goals of the Health Wing, emphasizing the nurturing and supportive roles that health professionals play in society.

Strategically placed in a prominent outdoor location, the sculpture serves as both an artistic focal point and an inspirational symbol for students and visitors. Its structural dynamics and thematic depth enhance the educational environment, encouraging contemplation on the roles of care and support intrinsic to health disciplines. This installation thus stands as a testament to the power of art to embody and evoke the foundational values of healing and assistance.

Manna from the Sky
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