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Botero Ballerinas


Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Stainless Steel

7’ H, 6.5’ H, and 7.5’ H

Created for The Premier Apartments, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Three Elements

Commissioned for The Premier Apartments in Silver Spring, Maryland, this wind kinetic sculpture embodies a celebration of life and community. Its elements, designed to mimic the elegance of the feminine form, are inspired by Fernando Botero’s depiction of voluminous forms and the elegance of the feminine figure. The sculpture features elements that rotate gracefully in the breeze, creating shifting light patterns on their stainless steel surfaces.

These movements are slow and rhythmic, symbolizing the dynamic nature of human interaction and enhancing the communal spaces of the apartments. As a focal point, the sculpture enriches the landscape, inviting residents and visitors to reflect on the interconnectedness and cultural bonds that enrich community life.

Botero Ballerinas
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