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Stainless Steel

8.5’H x 3’W x 2’D

Created for Flats 8300, Bethesda, Maryland.

Commissioned for Flats 8300 in Bethesda, Maryland, this sculpture beautifully captures the essence of marine life releasing air bubbles into the ocean, serving as a poignant reminder of the rich biodiversity that thrives beneath the water's surface.

Breathe is strategically placed within a semi-enclosed public plaza, which is a vibrant intersection of residential and retail spaces. This setting not only enhances the area's visual appeal but also provides a dynamic backdrop that reflects the liveliness of urban life.

Accompanying this piece are two other sculptures by the same artist: Reach Out, a wind kinetic sculpture, and Ray of Light, a water sculpture. The presence of these three distinct works in one location marks a significant moment for the sculptor, showcasing the diversity of his artistic expression and mastery of different genres in a permanent setting for the first time. Each piece complements the others, creating a comprehensive narrative that speaks to the sculptor's versatile mastery over different mediums.

The plaza itself is designed with a stream that runs its length, drawing inspiration from the serene and iconic courtyard at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. This thoughtful design element not only harmonizes with the thematic elements of the sculptures but also provides a tranquil, flowing backdrop that enhances the overall experience of the space. This setting allows visitors to engage with art in a contemplative and innovative environment

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