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Stainless Steel

11’H x 7’Diameter

Created for a private residence, Bethesda, Maryland.

Six Elements

Commissioned for a private residence in Bethesda, Maryland, this sculpture artistically encapsulates the profound concept of Albert Einstein's "spacetime," a pivotal theory in our understanding of the universe. The artwork comprises six curvilinear forms that dynamically rise and burst upwards, symbolizing the explosive energy and complexity of cosmic phenomena.

The sculpture's design is deeply influenced by the notion of spacetime, which integrates space and time into a single, four-dimensional continuum. This integration challenges traditional perceptions of these dimensions as separate entities and underscores their interconnected nature, as described by Einstein. The sculpture's upward trajectory and expansive forms visually echo this fusion, suggesting the stretching and bending of the fabric of the universe itself.

Significantly, the year of the sculpture’s installation, 2016, coincides with the historic confirmation of gravitational waves—ripples in spacetime predicted by Einstein a century earlier in his theory of General Relativity. This discovery not only confirmed a key prediction of Einstein's theory but also marked a major advancement in our ability to observe and understand the cosmos. The sculpture’s dynamic forms and upward surge serve as a metaphor for this groundbreaking moment, celebrating the human capacity to explore and understand the deepest truths of the universe.

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