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Water Sculpture

Stainless Steel

72″H x 120″W x 60″D

Created for the Jewish Community Center of Washington, D.C.

Five Elements

Commissioned for the Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC, this sculpture integrates five bulbous, brushed stainless steel shapes set in a bed of smooth black stones.

Water is central to the sculpture's design. It emerges from the top of each shape and flows down its surfaces, creating dynamic, turbulent patterns. This movement of water against the steel not only adds visual interest but also symbolizes the continuous flow of life and the resilience of community.

At night, the sculpture takes on a different character. Lighting installed beneath the stones shines upwards, partially illuminating the sculptures and casting soft shadows. This lighting enhances the reflective properties of the water and steel, creating a tranquil, intimate ambiance.

This piece serves both as a visual focal point and as a space for reflection and community gathering at the Jewish Community Center, adding depth to the cultural and spiritual environment of the space.

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