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Dash and Refusal


Water Sculpture

Bronze and Limestone

31″H x 30″W x 5″D

Created for a private residence, Washington, D.C.

Seventeen Elements

Dash and Refusal, created for a private residence in Washington, D.C., uses an innovative approach to form and space to evoke human figures through the arrangement of fire-shaped bronze elements against a limestone backdrop. The design cleverly utilizes the concept of negative space, where the shapes of the figures are defined not by the bronze itself but by the voids between them.

This visual technique challenges the observer's perception, emphasizing the spaces that are often overlooked in favor of more tangible forms. A subtle flow of water cascades behind these elements, enhancing the depth and dynamism of the sculpture, while also drawing further attention to the interplay of presence and absence that defines the piece. This artwork invites viewers to reconsider their focus, highlighting how absence can shape and influence visual experience just as powerfully as presence.

Dash and Refusal
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