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Diamond Dance


Water Sculpture

Stainless Steel

80″H x 51″W x 45″D

Created for Crowell and Moring, LLP, Washington, D.C.

Commissioned for the prestigious law firm Crowell and Moring, LLP, in Washington, DC, this art installation combines fluid dynamics and reflective properties to create a visually stunning and dynamic sculpture. Situated within the firm's central lobby, the piece features a large central diamond-shaped structure from which water streams gracefully down its facade.

The descending water collects momentarily on a series of strategically placed water tables below. These tables are not merely functional but are designed to enhance the visual impact of the installation. As water gathers and flows over these surfaces, it generates intricate wave patterns. The motion of the water on these tables not only captures but also magnifies light, reflecting it back upwards. This interplay of light and water creates a captivating optical effect, making the sculpture appear to undulate and dance.

This piece, with its fluid dynamics and responsive design, stands as a sophisticated example of how art in corporate settings can enhance the environmental ambiance and reflect corporate culture and aspirations.

The rubber duckies in Diamond Dance hold a unique and cherished place within the firm. They introduce a touch of playful whimsy to an otherwise serious law firm environment. This sculpture is regarded as "the soul" of the firm, exemplifying the interactive and communal power of public art.

Diamond Dance
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