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Stainless Steel

19″H x 20″W x 12″D

Created for a private residence, Summit, Pennsylvania.

Six Elements

Commissioned for a private residence in Summit, Pennsylvania, this sculpture, comprised of six dynamic elements, embodies the fluidity and motion reminiscent of a wavy flag. Each element, crafted from polished metal, is artfully curved, suggesting gentle, undulating movements that evoke the elegant flow of fabric in the breeze.

The sculpture's design cleverly utilizes the reflective properties of steel to interact with its environment. As light plays across its surfaces, it highlights the sinuous shapes and enhances the visual perception of movement.

The arrangement of the elements in a seemingly spontaneous yet harmonious order further contributes to the overall impact of the piece. It invites viewers to engage with the sculpture from multiple angles, each perspective offering a new interpretation of its forms and the interplay of light and shadow.

Available for sale in a smaller scale at Rubenstein Studios, this sculpture not only serves as a significant artistic addition to a private space but also as a testament to the versatility of the artist's work, capable of adapting to both private and commercial interests. This piece exemplifies contemporary sculpture’s ability to blend aesthetic elegance with dynamic form, creating an enduring visual impact that resonates with themes of movement and transformation.

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