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Field of Dreams


Stainless Steel

13’H x 11’Diameter

Created for the Somerset Elementary School, Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Seven Elements

Commissioned for Somerset Elementary School in Chevy Chase, Maryland, this sculpture integrates organic forms into a fluid and dynamic composition. The work consists of several elongated, grass-like metallic elements that gracefully arch upwards, suggesting the natural growth patterns of blades of grass or reeds. Affixed to the apex of these curvilinear structures are structures resembling chestnuts, suspended in such a manner that they appear to be hovering in the air.

This illusion of levitation adds an ethereal quality to the piece, inviting viewers to engage with the sculpture from multiple perspectives. The choice of materials and the design mimic natural forms and processes, yet through abstraction and metallic finishes, the sculpture reflects a modern aesthetic.

Field of Dreams
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