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Stainless Steel

80″H x 39″W x 24″D

Created for Prescott Condominiums, Alexandria, Virginia and PMI Aerospace, Rockford, Illinois.

Two Elements

This two-element sculpture entitled Haverim, which means "friends" in Hebrew, was commissioned for the Prescott Condominiums in Alexandria, Virginia, PMI Aerospace in Rockford, Illinois as well as for a private residence in Lafayette, California. The sculpture features two soaring, intertwined forms, each with a complex, curvilinear surface that twists and arcs gracefully. The design ingeniously manipulates shape and form to create a visual dialogue between the two elements, which seem to be in a dynamic interaction with each other, much like the interplay between close friends.

The sculpture’s placement in differing environments — a residential complex and an aerospace facility — further enriches its versatility and universality. In both settings, it serves as a focal point for communal interaction. This dynamic perspective reflects the fluidity of human connections and exemplifies modern sculpture's transformative power to adapt and resonate within diverse contexts.

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