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Let It Flow


Stainless Steel

11.5’ H x 7.5’ W x 5.5’ D

Created for the Winston House Apartments, Washington, D.C. Created for a private residence in Bethesda, Maryland.

Five Elements

Let it Flow, situated at the Winston House Apartments in Washington, DC, and a private residence in Bethesda, Maryland, consists of a series of elongated, slender, twisting shapes that suggest the dynamic flow of energy. These forms, reminiscent of kelp swaying in the ocean, seem to move according to unseen forces, imbuing the installation with a sense of life and perpetual motion.

The design harnesses the metal's reflective properties to enhance the visual effect of movement. Ambient light plays across the surfaces, creating the illusion of fluidity and change. Set against the architectural backdrop of urban apartment settings, the sculpture offers a juxtaposition of the organic and the constructed environment, reflecting on the interconnection between nature and human-made spaces. The artwork invites viewers to contemplate the role of nature in urban landscapes and the ways in which art can bridge the divide between the natural world and human habitation.

Let It Flow
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