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Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Stainless Steel

7.5’ H and 7’ H x 4.25’ W x 1’ D

Created for The Bradley Apartments, Alexandria, Virginia.

Two Elements

Installed in a public plaza adjacent to the Braddock Metro Station in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, this wind kinetic sculpture enhances the urban environment of The Bradley Apartments. Crafted to evoke the gentle form of a white lily, the sculpture dynamically interacts with its surroundings, swaying subtly in response to the wind. This movement not only imbues the space with a sense of tranquility but also engages passersby, offering a visually relaxing spot for pedestrians to pause, perhaps enjoying their lunch or taking a moment from their daily commute.

The design of the sculpture leverages natural wind currents to animate its surfaces, creating a visual dialogue between the artwork and the natural elements. Its placement in a busy urban transit area serves a dual purpose: it provides aesthetic pleasure and acts as a functional gathering space for the community. The reflective qualities of the material used in the sculpture capture and play with light, adding a vibrant quality to the otherwise static environment. This piece not only enriches the pedestrian experience but also embodies the energy of Old Town Alexandria, inviting residents and visitors alike to interact with the art and the space in a meaningful way.

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