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Moonlight Over Sinai


Stainless Steel

86″H x 48″W x 24″D

Created for Adas Israel Congregation, Washington, D.C.

Moonlight over Sinai, at the Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, DC, artistically interprets the transformative period when the Israelites traversed the Sinai desert under the night sky, reflecting on their future and the foundation of their identity as a people. The design features elegantly curving forms and circular elements that symbolize the Israelites gazing into the celestial expanse, filled with hope and guided by divine presence, symbolized by the moonlight.

The ascending curves and disc-like shapes suggest both a literal and metaphorical reaching towards the heavens, representing spiritual seeking and divine inspiration. This upward movement aligns with the narrative of the Exodus, emphasizing the themes of guidance, revelation, and the dreams of a promised land.

Set within the serene environment of the congregation's grounds, Moonlight over Sinai not only complements the physical space but also deepens the spiritual landscape. It serves as a poignant reminder of the universal quest for meaning and direction that unites all of humanity. This sculpture invites not only the congregation but all visitors to reflect on their own life journeys, encouraging a broader understanding of faith and resilience as enduring human experiences that transcend individual cultures and histories.

Moonlight Over Sinai
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