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Out of Sight


Stainless Steel

36″H x 72″W x 4″D

Created for Neurovision, Ltd, Ramat Gan, Israel.

Out of Sight is prominently displayed at Neurovision, Ltd in Ramat Gan, Israel, a company specializing in neurotechnology. The piece is crafted from numerous small, wavy shapes set against a deep purple stainless steel background. These elements are strategically arranged to harness the concept of "subjective contours," where the perceived lines between the shapes coalesce to form the image of an eye.

This visual illusion not only captivates the viewer but also resonates deeply with the core activities of Neurovision, which involve the exploration and enhancement of visual perception through technology. The artwork embodies the company's focus on the complexities of sight and perception, translating these abstract ideas into a tangible and visually engaging form.

Out of Sight serves as both an artistic interpretation and a reflection of the company’s innovative work in neuroscience and vision. It invites viewers to engage with the concept of how the brain constructs images and meanings, mirroring the scientific inquiry at the heart of Neurovision's mission. This piece thus not only decorates the space but also enriches the intellectual and creative environment of the workplace, encouraging ongoing reflection and discovery.

Out of Sight
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