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Stainless Steel

5’ – 20’ Long

Created for a private residence, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Three Elements

This sculpture, installed as a unique railing for a private residence in Silver Spring, Maryland, features a shimmering curvilinear design that elegantly enhances the approach to a home situated on a hill. Crafted from polished stainless steel, the structure weaves fluidly, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional support along the ascending front yard pathway.

The piece's reflective surface captures and plays with the natural light, adding a dynamic visual element to the property's landscape. Its design not only follows the practical contours of the terrain but also introduces a sculptural quality that transforms everyday functionality into an art form. This installation serves as a striking example of how contemporary sculpture can be seamlessly integrated into residential settings, enhancing both the beauty and usability of outdoor spaces.

By merging art with architecture, this curvilinear railing not only guides residents and guests up the hillside but also invites them to engage with the space in a more meaningful way, appreciating the intersection of design, environment, and home.

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