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Reach Out


Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Stainless Steel

8’ H x 4’ W x 1’ D

Created for Flats 8300, Bethesda, Maryland.

Three Elements

Entitled Reach Out, this wind kinetic sculpture by Rubenstein is prominently displayed at Flats 8300 in Bethesda, MD. Situated at the end of a partially enclosed public plaza, which is flanked by apartment buildings and retail spaces, the sculpture contributes to a dynamic communal area. This plaza, which features a stream mirroring the courtyard design of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, offers a serene yet engaging environment that complements the urban landscape.

Reach Out is part of a trio of sculptures by Rubenstein that showcases the diversity of his artistic expressions in a single venue. Alongside Breathe, a suspended sculpture, and Ray of Light, a water sculpture, Reach Out enhances the aesthetic and interactive experience of the plaza. The kinetic aspect of the sculpture captures and responds to the natural wind currents, creating a visually engaging experience that symbolizes connection and openness.

This installation not only enriches the public space but also allows visitors to experience the interplay of art and natural elements, reflecting Rubenstein's commitment to integrating environmental dynamics into his sculptural work. The grouping of these three distinct sculptures in one setting provides a unique cultural landmark within the community, inviting visitors to engage with art in diverse forms.

Reach Out
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