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Water Sculpture

Stainless Steel

8.5’H x 7’Diameter

Created for Somerset House Condominiums, Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Two Elements

Rhythm, a sculptural installation at Somerset House Condominiums in Chevy Chase, Maryland, features two curvilinear sculptures of varying heights. The sculptures are artfully positioned to face each other, evoking the fluid movements of a dance, capturing the essence of a harmonious waltz. This positioning suggests a dynamic interaction, reflecting a continuous flow and exchange, much like the rhythm of a well-choreographed dance.

Water elegantly cascades down the surfaces of each sculpture, creating intricate and dynamic water patterns that enhance the visual and auditory experience of the installation. This addition not only introduces a soothing element but also accentuates the visual impact of the sculptures, making them a captivating focal point within the residential setting.

Rhythm serves as a metaphor for the communal spirit and interconnectedness of the Somerset House Condominiums, symbolizing the harmonious and elegant interplay among residents. By transforming a simple communal area into a place of artistic reflection and social interaction, the installation enriches the environment, where the sculptures’ dance-like posture and the melodious sound of water contribute to an atmosphere of serenity and artistic engagement.

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