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Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Stainless Steel

17.5’H and 14’H

Created for Founders Row II with Mill Creek Residential Trust, Falls Church, Virginia.

Two Elements

This newly developed mixed-use space at the entrance to Falls Church, Virginia, is a vital communal area for its residents. Central to this space will be Rivergrass, a monumental wind kinetic sculpture designed to introduce both motion and elegance to the environment. The sculpture's arching and reflective forms will extend above the pedestrian pathways, mesmerizing onlookers with its graceful movement.

In creating this piece, Rubenstein seeks to leverage public art as a medium for raising environmental consciousness. The theme of river grass serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing pollution challenges faced by the nearby Potomac River. Over recent decades, significant efforts have been directed towards the river’s restoration and revival. River grass plays an essential role in maintaining the river's health, and initiatives have been undertaken to plant this vegetation in the riverbeds, eliminate plastic pollution, and construct large holding tanks to manage sewage overflows during heavy rainfall.

Rivergrass will serve as a powerful public art sculpture in the urban landscape and a constant reminder of the crucial need for environmental stewardship. It underscores the importance of maintaining the river’s health, urging citizens to remain vigilant and proactive in their conservation efforts.

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