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Stealth Wing


Water Sculpture

Stainless Steel

45″H x 53″W x 10″D

Created for a private residence, Palm Beach, Florida.

Stealth Wing, is an innovative water sculpture installed at a private residence in Palm Beach, Florida. It combines the precision of engineering with the elegance of modern design. The sculpture features a top armature from which a curtain of water gracefully descends over an assembly of geometric shapes. These shapes, reminiscent of stealth technology in their angularity and finish, rotate at varying speeds, adding a dynamic and kinetic element to the installation.

This integration of movement with water flow enhances the visual appeal of Stealth Wing and accentuates the interplay of light and shadow across its surfaces. The rotation of the shapes allows the sculpture to evolve constantly, presenting new angles and forms, while the water adds a fluid, ever-changing component that contrasts with the rigidity of the metal.

Stealth Wing serves as a focal point in the landscape, drawing attention to the innovative use of materials and mechanical elements to create an artwork that is both captivating and harmonious within its lush, tropical setting.

The third picture belorw was photographed by Sabrina Rubenstein.

Stealth Wing
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