Wind Kinetic Sculpture

“Voyagers” © 2018
Stainless Steel (Wind Kinetic Sculpture)
Two Elements: 18’ H and 13’ H

This large wind kinetic sculpture is situated at the entrance to a multiple hotel and resort complex in Hawaii. The design was inspired by the Polynesian Peoples, who are expert sailors of the Pacific Ocean and travel between the islands using their vast knowledge of the stars, wave patterns and tides. The shapes of the sculpture are inspired by the sails of an ancient Polynesian canoe, Va’a. Today, this canoe (catamaran) has been recreated and has become the symbol of resurgence of the Hawaiian language and culture. The sculpture is placed on a triangular pool, reminiscent of the bow of the canoe, with underwater lights that represent the constellation of stars used for navigation. Recently, “Hokule’a” made a three-year goodwill journey around the world to celebrate the Hawaiian culture.

Created for a Haseko Corporation resort at Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

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