Sculpture in Suspension

“Mother Earth” © 2015
Symbol of Sustainability
Stainless Steel
14.5′ H

Mother Earth Project
A Global Environment-Saving Initiative
Celebrating Sustainability

As art can transcend and inspire the human spirit, Rubenstein has created this edition of sculptures as the Symbol of Sustainability. The plan is to create an edition of Mother Earth sculptures for major cities around the world, as a gathering point for environment and sustainability celebrations. The first Mother Earth sculpture was installed in Georgetown, Washington, DC, on January 19, 2017, along the Potomac River, and the Inaugural Dedication was on April 29, 2017.

Mother Earth was designed by scientist and public artist Barton Rubenstein, who with his family began the Mother Earth Project in 2015. The idea that inspired the design of Mother Earth is that man is created from and out of the earth, and that there is an inherent symbiotic relationship between the two. This three-dimensional sculpture presents an ethereal pose of a human profile, projecting a vision of universality, with a stainless steel material indicating neither race nor nationality. More details can be found at:

Installation of Mother Earth in Georgetown, Washington, DC

Mother Earth Project Sculpture Dedication, April, 2017

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