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River Twist


Water Sculpture


90″H x 80″W x 90″D

Created for the Blair East Apartments, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Two Elements

River Twist is located at the Blair East Apartments in Silver Spring, Maryland. It features two interlocking forms that create a dramatic suspension above their base. The breathtaking spectacle of waterfalls and the powerful rivers they feed into inspire the design. It evocatively captures the essence of water in motion—each of the nearly one hundred rivulets is meticulously plumbed to ensure a consistent and balanced distribution of water, emphasizing nature’s precision and power.

The dynamic interplay of movement and sound embodies water's relentless force and serene beauty. The choice of bronze enhances the aesthetic, lending a timeless quality to the piece, while the structural design invites viewers to reflect on the symbiosis between crafted artistry and the natural world.

River Twist
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