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Stainless Steel

18’H x 16’Diameter

Created for Owens Community College, Findlay, Ohio.

This sculpture was awarded as a result of a National Competition.

Three Elements

Sunburst, installed at Owens Community College in Findlay, Ohio, emerged as the winner in a national competition. Crafted from highly polished stainless steel, it projects an aura of light and vitality, its reflective, sweeping shapes soaring upwards as if tracing the sun's rays across the sky.

The design's gravity-defying curves represent not only the physical lightness but also the limitless potential and ambition inherent within the college community.
Sunburst symbolizes the dynamic energy and upward trajectory of the student body, mirroring their aspirations and the vibrancy of academic life.

Strategically placed in a prominent campus location, Sunburst serves as a beacon of inspiration, engaging students and visitors alike with its interplay of light and form. This sculpture not only enhances the college's aesthetic landscape but also stands as a constant reminder of the institution’s dedication to nurturing an environment where growth and academic exploration flourish.

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