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Morse Code


Water Sculpture

Stainless Steel

104″H x 72″W x 24″D

Created for a private residence, McLean, Virginia.

Thirteen Elements

Entitled Morse Code, this sculptural water feature, commissioned for a private residence in McLean, Virginia, artfully blends technical precision with aesthetic elegance. The design features a series of bulbous rectangular boxes that mimic the dots and dashes characteristic of Morse code. Each element is meticulously engineered to channel water seamlessly from one level to the next, evoking the rhythmic tapping of Morse code signals.

The water flows through meticulously crafted slits in each box, equipped with specially designed screens that protect against debris, reduce turbulence, and prevent splash-out. This careful engineering ensures a smooth and uninterrupted flow, mirroring the continuous transmission of Morse code. Additionally, the design prevents water from seeping underneath each box, keeping the outer surfaces dry and maintaining the sculpture’s clean, crisp lines.

Morse Code not only serves as a visually captivating addition to the landscape but also embodies the fusion of form and function. It enhances the tranquil and contemplative atmosphere of the residence, while reflecting on the historical and communicative significance of Morse code. This feature transforms an everyday space into a place of both beauty and reflection, inviting viewers to consider the intersections of art, technology, and communication.

Morse Code
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