Water Sculpture

“Ray of Light” © 2008
Stainless Steel (Water Sculpture)
70”H x 38”W x 18”D

Like rays of light, this sculpture rises boldly with strong vertical lines that fan upwards and outwards. Water passes over the top edges and glides down the sculpture’s surfaces. With its brushed finish, “Ray of Light” emits a brilliant shimmering light, magnified by its multiple articulated surfaces.

This water sculpture is situated at the end of a partially enclosed public plaza surrounded by apartments and retail. The plaza has two other Rubenstein sculptures, “Breathe” (sculpture in suspension) and “Reach Out” (wind kinetic sculpture), allowing the sculptor to display the three genres of his work together in a permanent setting for the first time.

Created for Flats 8300, Bethesda, MD and the Redwood Shores Library, Redwood City, CA, the result of a National Competition.

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