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Take a Bow


Water Sculpture


7.5’H and 6.5’H

Created for Rio Washingtonian Center, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Created for Willow Valley Communities, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Two Elements

Entitled Take a Bow, this sculptural installation at the Rio Washingtonian Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Willow Valley Communities in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, features gracefully tapered shapes that produce cascading, transparent sheets of water. These slender forms allow water to glide over their surfaces, while gentle breezes cause the water sheets to ripple and undulate, creating a mesmerizing display of fluid motion.

The sculpture's title and form, a subtle nod to the act of bowing, symbolize respect and reverence, essential values for fostering harmony within communities. Take a Bow serves as both visually powerful statement and an important reminder of the importance of respect in human interactions. This dynamic interplay of water and form beautifies its setting and inspires and reinforces the communal spirit of dignity and respect.

Take a Bow
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