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Desert Sail


Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Stainless Steel

7’H x 11’W x 4’ D

Created for private residence in Phoenix, Arizona.

Three Elements

​​Commissioned for a private residence in Phoenix, Arizona, this kinetic sculpture is a masterful integration of art and the natural environment, designed to harness the gentle movements of the desert air. As it rotates back and forth, the sculpture interacts dynamically with its surroundings, creating a captivating visual display that reflects the landscape's physical and ephemeral qualities.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, the sculpture is positioned to maximize engagement with both the natural beauty of the desert and the activities of its inhabitants. Mountain bikers and hikers traversing the nearby trails are treated to an ever-changing spectacle of light and form. As sunlight plays across the sculpture's surfaces, it casts intricate patterns of reflection and shadow, enhancing the visual experience of the preserve's visitors.

The continuous motion of the sculpture mimics the persistent yet subtle forces of nature that shape the arid landscape. Desert Sail integrates with and responds to its setting. It serves as an example of how art can enhance residential spaces by creating a dialogue with the local geography and climate, enriching the cultural and visual landscape of the community.

Desert Sail
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