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Blairs Gateway


Water Sculpture


8’H x 60’W x 8’D

Created for The Blairs, a complex of apartments, office building, and shopping mall, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Fourteen Elements

Situated at the prestigious main entrance to Washington, D.C., aligned with the 16th Street corridor, that leads directly to the White House, this sculpture embodies both a symbolic and functional threshold to the City.

Designed for The Blairs—a mixed-use development featuring apartments, offices, and a shopping mall in Silver Spring, Maryland—this commanding outdoor sculpture doubles as the main entrance sign for the complex. It gracefully curves along the ground, consisting of fourteen elongated rectangular boxes arranged across three tiers. Water cascades down from seventeen sheets between these boxes at varying levels, cleverly obscuring the vertical supports and giving the impression that the boxes float above the ground. The entire structure is set within a 60-foot by 7-foot pool, with a dynamic water system that recycles nearly 1000 gallons per minute, creating a visually stunning and immersive entry point that blends architectural innovation with fluid motion.

Blairs Gateway
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