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Circle Up


Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Stainless Steel

120″H x 48″W x 48″D

Created for private residence, Edgartown, Massachusetts.

Five Elements

Commissioned for a private residence in Edgartown, Massachusetts, this kinetic sculpture harnesses the natural power of the wind to animate its design. Comprising five distinct shapes, each piece is meticulously attached to a central vertical column. The wind's force initiates rotation around this column, a visually striking and technically sophisticated dynamic.

Each of the five shapes is supported by an internal cable system. This ingenious mechanism allows the shapes to rotate and wind up in one direction as tension builds and elegantly recoil in the opposite direction when the tension releases. This movement creates a rhythmic, dance-like interplay between the shapes, adding a layer of complexity and intrigue to the sculpture.

The sculpture's design reflects a deep understanding of mechanical principles, specifically the interplay of force, motion, and resistance. It also stands as a testament to the aesthetic possibilities of combining art with engineering, where the natural energies of the environment are harnessed to create a continually evolving visual spectacle.

This piece enhances the outdoor space of the residence and invites reflection on the elegance of mechanical and natural harmonies. The kinetic sculpture transforms the landscape into a stage to display wind-powered art, making a profound statement on integrating technology, art, and nature.

Circle Up
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