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Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Stainless Steel

78″H x 121″W x 30″D

On loan to Strathmore Hall Art Center, North Bethesda, Maryland.

Five Elements

Currently on loan to the Strathmore Hall Art Center in North Bethesda, Maryland, this captivating installation comprises five diamond-shaped objects that rotate slowly and independently around a central vertical axis, giving the impression of floating in the air. Engineered to rotate by the force of ambient wind currents, these diamonds are positioned in close proximity, nearly touching, which serves to enhance their collective visual impact and symbolic significance.

The configuration and movement of these objects have been deliberately designed to evoke the familial unit, symbolizing a family structure consisting of two parents and three children. The two larger diamonds represent the parents, anchoring the composition, while the three smaller diamonds, positioned interspersedly, symbolize the children. This arrangement not only reflects the familial bonds and interactions but also subtly communicates the dynamic nature of family relationships, influenced by both internal and external forces, much like the diamonds are influenced by the wind. This installation explores deeper themes of connectivity, familial unity, and the fluidity of relationships.

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