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Water Sculpture


7.5’H x 8’W x 3’D

Created for Adas Israel Congregation, Washington, D.C.

Four Elements

Hineni, or Here I Am, is composed of sculptural elements which gracefully demonstrate the dynamic interplay of water and metal. Each column, subtly twisting as it rises, channels water down its textured surfaces into a bronze basin filled with smooth black beach stones. The patina on these sculptures—a sophisticated blend of blue, gold, black, and green hues—adds a rich visual depth and hints at the natural oxidation process, enhancing the artwork’s organic appeal.

The term “Hineni”, with its roots in the Jewish spiritual tradition, embodies a readiness to respond to a higher call or purpose, reflecting a humble ethos of complete service and dedication. Although often associated with pivotal moments in the bible, this concept of readiness to serve and surrender to a Divine call or Divine will, transcends its biblical origins, offering broader philosophical and ethical insights.

The sculpture's interplay of water and metal further enriches this metaphor, illustrating how our responses not only define but are also defined by the environments we inhabit. Thus, "Hineni" or “Here I am” resonates as a universal principle, emphasizing humankind’s potential to answer a higher calling and create meaningful change in a rapidly evolving, complex and challenging world.

This work has been generously donated to the Adas Israel Congregation in Washington D.C

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