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His and Hers


Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Stainless Steel

8’H and 7’H

Created for a private residence in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Two Elements

Commissioned for a private residence in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, this kinetic sculpture entitled His and Hers touches upon the essence of a marital relationship. The sculpture consists of two metallic forms that are conceptually and visually interlinked, mirroring the dynamic interactions typical of a couple. Each form can pivot away from or towards the other, symbolizing each partner's individual paths and experiences, as well as the moments of convergence where shared experiences and mutual understanding are celebrated.

Movement is an integral component of Rubenstein’s artistic expression. The sculpture's kinetic design enables these forms to engage in a rhythmic, dance-like motion, reflecting the continual give-and-take of a relationship. This motion not only animates the sculpture but also metaphorically represents the ongoing adjustments and exchanges that characterize a long-term partnership, where balance and synchronization are perpetually sought through both shared and individual experiences.

His and Hers
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