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Water Sculpture

Stainless Steel

60”H x 96”W x 30”D

Created for a private residence, Washington, D.C.

Commissioned for a private residence in Washington, DC, this sculpture is a testament to minimalist design. It merges clean geometric forms with dynamic elements of nature to create a tranquil visual experience. The piece consists of two converging trapezoidal planes that utilize water tension properties to guide a tapering flow of water down their surfaces. This design not only facilitates a continuous cascade but also enhances the reflective qualities of the metal, creating a shimmering effect as water glides effortlessly over the sculpture.

Set against the verdant backdrop of a garden, the sculpture serves as a visual anchor, creating a meditative space that invites contemplation. The inclusion of water adds a sensory dimension to the piece, emphasizing fluidity and the ephemeral qualities of natural elements. This integration of form, water, and landscape reflects a minimalist approach, focusing on simplicity and the essence of form while harmonizing with the surrounding environment and providing a serene and immersive experience.

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