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Water Sculpture

Bronze, Acrylic

72″H x 22″W x 22″D

Spring incorporates diamond-shaped clear acrylic sheets arranged in an offset pattern to mimic the dynamic flow and natural rise of a gushing spring. The sculpture cleverly exploits the properties of water surface tension to accumulate bulging volumes of water along its edges, creating a mesmerizing effect as the water overflows and cascades to the levels below.

Enhancing its visual impact, the sculpture incorporates internal lighting within aquamarine bronze belts that encircle the structure. These lights illuminate the cascading water, creating a shimmering effect that highlights the fluid dynamics and aesthetic beauty of the sculpture. The lighting not only accentuates the clear, reflective qualities of the acrylic but also contributes to a mesmerizing visual experience that changes with the light's intensity and angle, engaging viewers with its play of light and liquid motion.

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