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Stainless Steel

10′ H and 3.5′ Diameter

Created for Townhomes at Graham Park, Falls Church, Virginia.

Two Elements

Stargazer features two elegantly curving elements that intertwine as they ascend skyward. This sculpture, located at the Townhomes at Graham Park in Falls Church, Virginia, is crafted from polished stainless steel. Its fluid, curvilinear forms suggest a graceful motion as if caught in a celestial dance with the stars.

The design of Stargazer can be understood as the dynamic interplay between individual paths that harmoniously unite in a shared journey towards higher aspirations, much like the intertwining of stars in the night sky. This artistic representation not only adds a striking aesthetic element to the community space but also serves as a metaphor for the unity and aspirational spirit of the residential community.

The placement and design of Stargazer encourage residents and visitors to pause and reflect, offering a moment of visual and conceptual upliftment. It serves as both a landmark and a symbol of the community’s forward-looking spirit and appreciation for sophisticated, thoughtful artistry in public spaces. Through its soaring form and reflective surfaces, "Stargazer" contributes to the cultural and visual richness of the Townhomes at Graham Park, embodying a blend of art, architecture, and communal spirit.

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