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Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Stainless Steel

9’H x 6’W x 1’D

Created for a private residence in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Three Elements

This three-element wind kinetic sculpture, Sukkot, installed at a private residence in Maryland, embodies the themes of renewal and growth inherent in its namesake, the Jewish festival of Sukkot. The sculpture features plant-like forms that appear to surge forth from the ground, symbolizing the emergence of new life and the dynamic relationship between humanity and the natural world.

Sukkot is a holiday celebrating the harvest, humanity’s humility, and respect for Mother Earth. The sculpture's design integrates seamlessly with the surrounding garden, which is meticulously maintained and cherished by its owner. The installation of the sculpture, coinciding with the festival, enhances the garden's appeal and invites reflection on the interplay of human stewardship and nature's intrinsic beauty.

The fluid, organic shapes of the sculpture, coupled with its kinetic properties, allow it to respond gently to the wind, mirroring the natural movements found in the garden. This interaction highlights the sculpture's elegance and simplicity and serves as a continual reminder of the ever-present links between art, culture, and the environment.

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