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Wind Kinetic Sculpture

Stainless Steel

8′ H and 10’W and 4′ D

Created for Potomac Yard Airmont Buildings, Alexandria, Virginia.

Two Elements

Tracks is a dynamic two-element sculpture installed at the Potomac Yard Airmont Buildings in Alexandria, Virginia. It elegantly captures the historical essence of its location—a former train yard pivotal to Alexandria's transportation and commercial activity. The sculpture's design, with elements that sway with the breeze, echoes the parallel and converging lines of railroad tracks that once defined the site. Now redeveloped into a vibrant residential and retail area, the area's rich industrial past is commemorated through this artwork. Tracks not only pays homage to the visual rhythm and convergence of railway lines at a distance but also symbolizes the transformation and adaptive re-use of urban spaces, bridging Alexandria’s historical heritage with its modern development.

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